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Looking for JavaScript or TypeScript experts? Nullhouse builds modern websites and webapps, using JavaScript as our core technology.

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The modern web we know today wouldn't have been possible without JavaScript. In today's day and age, it runs on pretty much every serious website.

The Nullhouse team has years of experience building interactive webapps using JavaScript. You can trust that we're capable of tackling all kinds of projects, simple or advanced.


TypeScript is a refinement on top of JavaScript - in technical terms: a superset - developed and maintained by Microsoft.

By adding static types, typescript unlocks a wide range of developer tooling. On the one hand this results in increased productivity when writing new code, for example through code completion and catching small bugs. On the other hand, it provides immense value in the long run, when it's time to apply large sweeping changes to the codebase.

How can we help you

Frontend development

We like a challenge, and love to build advanced, high-performance webapps. We'll usually use React as a UI framework, but we're flexible if our partners have specific wishes.

Backend development

Practically every interesting webapp is built on top of some backend, where the business logic is executed. We build stable and scalable Node.js applications, and integrate with both cutting-edge, as well as tried-and-true technologies such as PostgreSQL and GraphQL.

JavaScript consulting

We can assist with the architecture of a website or webapp. Depending on your needs, we can work with a specific framework, for example React, Vue, or Angular.


Are you running a JavaScript codebase in production, and experiencing problems that your team is having difficulty solving? Due to us having years of experience building advanced JS applications, there's a decent chance that we've already delt with this problem in the past.

Performance audit

It can be challenging for a growing app to remain performant. Every added feature increases the codebase, and thereby slows down the application. Techniques like bundle-splitting, network optimization, lazy-loading and more allow larger apps to run smoothly.