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  • JavaScript is a cornerstone of the modern web. Originally designed to facilitate simple dynamic elements such as eyes which follow the mouse cursor, it is now responsible for the interactivity on the internet we can no longer imagine ever having lived without.

    Unfortunately, as a programming language birthed in the mid '90s, JavaScript is starting to show its age. Its dynamic typing system, compilerless setup, and occasionally peculiar edge-case behaviour is not ideal for the large scale applications in the current web landscape.

  • A new era

    TypeScript is a refinement of JavaScript ‒ in technical terms: a superset ‒ developed and maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript provides an opt-in static type system. This allows the developer to articulate their intentions in the code they write more precisely than possible in plain JavaScript. The enhanced precision of TypeScript code creates the foundation for an array of essential tools invaluable for large-scale projects.

    Code is crafted more swiftly due to intelligent code completion, while the diligent compiler minimises bugs by catching them during compile-time instead of runtime. For established codebases, TypeScript proves to be an indispensable asset that streamlines the refactoring process.

    Upon TypeScript's introduction, Nullhouse jumped at the opportunity to explore its potential at scale. Embracing this innovative language, we have confidently forged ahead without looking back.

  • How can we help you

    Backend development

    Behind every great webapp is a robust backend where the core business logic takes shape. We build stable and scalable TypeScript + Node.js services, and integrate with cutting-edge, as well as tried-and-true technologies such as PostgreSQL and GraphQL.

    Frontend development

    We like a challenge, and love to build advanced, high-performance webapps using widely-adopted frameworks such as React. Our expertise in TypeScript ensures that we deliver maintainable and efficient code, ensuring that your project is future-proof and endures in the constantly shifting modern web.


    Throughout our many TypeScript development journeys, we have made numerous mistakes in architecture, infrastructure, and data flow design. We can be your sparring partner during your design process, sharing our hard-earned insights and helping you avoid repeating the same pitfalls.

    Performance audit

    Maintaining performance in an expanding app can be a daunting task. Every additional feature contributes to an increasingly complex codebase, potentially slowing down the application. We employ various techniques, including bundle-splitting, network optimisation, lazy-loading, in-memory caching, and more, to ensure that your operations continue to run seamlessly and efficiently.


    Do you have a TypeScript codebase in production that is presenting challenges you are struggling to address? Due to us having years of experience building advanced TypeScript applications, there's a decent chance that we've already dealt with your exact problems in the past. Allow us to lend our expertise and guide you through overcoming these hurdles.

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