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Qualitative scaling

  • As much as the Silicon Valley crowd wants to believe the myth, most humans do not speak English. Qualitative scaling is the act of adapting web services for users beyond San Francisco.
  • Expanding your reach

    Products are often initially designed with a particular user persona in mind. They are designed for the individual who speaks or understands a specific language; the individual who has access to a credit card; the individual who observes a specific time zone; the individual who has normal human vision; the individual who enjoys fast and reliable internet connectivity.

    As a product gains more users, the segment of those who meet these initial expectations decreases. If your product deserves a broad and diverse user base, inclusivity and accessibility should be a priority.

  • Payment methods and currencies

    Spain, Italy, the Nordics, as well as the English and German speaking parts of Europe have reasonably high credit card penetration rates. In the remaining parts of Europe, fewer than half of the population has access to a credit card. In Asia and Africa, credit card usage varies significantly from country to country.

    To successfully convert people from these regions into your paying customers, it is crucial that you support native payment methods. Different payment methods play by different rules. It is important that your business can work with these discrepancies.

    Additionally, presenting prices in the user's local currency can help them feel more comfortable and ease them into clicking that checkout button.

  • Language and localisation

    Translating products is an essential step to effectively reach a global audience. However, more advanced localisation techniques that consider cultural nuances, idioms, and region-specific preferences can make the difference in the success of a product in a new market. This may include substituting images, symbols, colours, terminology, and even tone and humour to resonate with specific users.

    At Nullhouse, we do not speak Portuguese, nor do we have a deep understanding of South Korean culture. We can ensure your software is flexible enough to facilitate advanced localisation, so that you can gain a competitive edge in the global market.

  • Thriving with few bars

    Fast and reliable internet connectivity is not a given for everyone. Ensuring your services have minimal latency, appropriate compression, and efficient caching benefits all users. If you wish to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience specifically for users in regions with slower connections, your product should be optimised for varying internet speeds. This may involve offering offline capabilities; taking advantage of bandwidth-saving features present in some browsers; and implementing adaptive content delivery.

    Adaptive content delivery means providing a low-bandwidth alternative to your high-bandwidth experience. This can be achieved through various techniques, such as responsive image loading, video compression, and progressive rendering.

  • Scaling success

    As with humans, no two products are the same. The importance of qualitative scalability is very different between one project and another.

    Nullhouse is a specialised agency in both quantitative and qualitative scaling, and we can help you assess how the different scaling requirements of your product impact the underlying software. Technical limitations should not be a barrier to growth.

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