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Node.js: JavaScript on the backend

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Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

Node.js enables us to build backends using our favorite programming language: JavaScript. This provides us with three big benefits:

  • Development efficiency by using the same language on both the front- and the backend, we save ourselves the time and effort of costly context-switches.
  • Code reuse: we can seamlessly reuse code throughout the front- and backend. A good example would be input validation; the client-side validation on an input field often contains the exact same logic as the validation that is required on the backend.
  • One ecosystem: npm is the biggest package manager in the world. It gives us access to widely used libraries that we can use across our entire stack. Moreover, JavaScript is the most popular programming language, which means there is an abundance of blogposts and stackoverflow articles available.

Production ready

We have years of experience with production systems that run Node.js backends. Due to the event-driven and non-blocking IO model, Node.js is extremely suitable for IO-heavy workloads such as backend servers.

Since the establishment of the Node.js foundation the platform has been picked up by well-known brands like Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter, and PayPal. These companies haven't been idle, and have continued the development of the technology, particularly focusing on security, performance, and stability.

What we can do for you

Backend development

Our in-depth knowledge of the platform will allow us to get started with your backend project quickly and efficiently. Whether you need an API-server, a background working, or internal tooling, we've built it all!

Frontend infrastructure

Many frontend applications will need some backend component as well. This could be an API server, or for example a Server Side Renderer. We have experience with applications where the front- and backend had to be well-aligned in order to achieve an optimal user experience.

Migration to Node.js

Perhaps you're running a legacy application on a somewhat dated stack, and you might have good reasons to want to modernize. We can help you take the first steps in planning and implementing the migration to Node.js.

Cloud deployment

Although you can very well run Node.js on premise, we've happily deployed our production workloads onto private clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These services offer autoscaling capabilities that ensure that your application always has enough compute capacity to handle its load, while at the same time scaling back to prevent you from running at overcapacity, and therefore paying too much.

Automated testing

Every programming language will develop its own ways and paradigms to write efficient and effective tests. Because we've been responsible for high-traffic production systems that used Node.js as its cornerstone technology, we have mastered the platform's testing paradigms. For example, take a look at Edo's blogpost on HTTP mocking in Node.js.

Case study: Wigwam Travel backend

Wigwam Travel is an agent that offers travel deals. An important feature of the site is a calendar in which you get an overview of all prices for which you can book the offer. During the first months of the project the number of prices that we offered grew quickly. This led to some serious performance bottlenecks.

Read more in the case study about how we managed to serve millions of prices in a performant manner.