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Need help with a React project? Nullhouse builds modern websites and webapps, using React as a core technology.

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Nowadays, a JavaScript framework is the best way to build an interactive website. React is the most popular option among developers, but Vue.js and Angular are good and often-picked frameworks as well. We're big fans of React, and we follow the news around it closely.

The Nullhouse team has years of experience building interactive webapps using React. You can trust that we're capable of tackling any project, simple as well as advanced.

How we can help

Frontend development

We can build your entire app using React, and connect it to an existing backend, or one that's being built in parallel.

Migrate to React

Have you got an existing website that you want to migrate to React? Thanks to Reacts component model, we can perform this migration gradually.

React advice

We'll help you get off the ground properly by assisting your team with challenging React problems.

Code audit

Let us take a look at your React application to identify potential areas of improvement

Performance checkup

Do you have a React application that feels a bit slow? This could result in a bad user experience, and negatively impact your conversion rate. We can help you find and solve performance bottlenecks.

React SEO optimization

SEO is essential for a lot of businesses, but using React improperly could result in sub-optimal SEO results. We know how to set up a React application according to SEO best practices like Server Side Rendering, and Semantic Markup.

Case studies

Wigwam Travel

TypeScript, React, Webpack, Sass, GraphQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL

Wigwam is a new and innovative seller of holiday packages. We've used React to build a fast SPA (Single Page App), with a responsive design which works on all devices. Implementing the design was done using a mobile-first approach.

We've used Node.js to leverage Reacts ability of Server Side Rendering (SSR) to make sure all pages are SEO friendly, as well as to minimize the initial rendering time. Finally, we've connected the React frontend to a GraphQL API for loading dynamic content.


JavaScript, React, Webpack, Less

Gavin is an innovative insurance start-up, that applies a risk-sharing model. It required a consumer facing website that should work on all platforms and devices.

Additionally, it was of utmost important that the user interface was very simple, to ensure it wouldn't deter potential customers from the new insurance model. As such, we've invested a lot of time in interface design for this project. The frontend is completely built in React, and connected to a REST API.


JavaScript, React, Redux, Webpack, Sass, REST, Node.js, Redis

PaperFlies is a popular flight metasearch engine. We were tasked with migrating the legacy frontend to React, while simultaneously implementing a complete redesign. To make sure the website works well on mobile devices, a responsive design was used. Additionally, some critical components have separate designs tailored to desktop and mobile devices.

By leveraging Server Side Rendering, we've ensured all pages are SEO- as well as user friendly. The website is connected to a REST API on a Node.js backend.